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Referral Program - sportdeluxe.website

Are you willing to get a profitable and interesting job that will help you achieve financial independence? You can make a profit not just by investing? - Our company is interested in expanding its operations, which is why we are constantly attracting new investors to partner with us. In the process, you will receive financial rewards in the form of a certain percentage from the deposits of an invited investor.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we pay 5% from every amount of funds deposited by investors who used your unique referral URL with multi level of affiliate commission.

How to withdraw my referral commission?

To withdraw referral commission you need to sign in to your account and click "Withdrawal Request" button and provide Bitcoin wallet address where we send you a commission. Your referral balance will be send in the next 24 hours. After requesting a withdrawal you can normally use your referrer URL and commission will be earned.

How to get my referral URL and history?

Sign in to your account and click on the Referral tab.

Can I invite user who use the same IP address as mine?

This is not allowed. There may be situations where some users have shared IP's or using the same ISP but if we detect any abuse of referral program your account may be blocked.

Can I increase my referral commission?

If your earnings are above 0.6 BTC in the last month please contact us in this case.

My referred user is not on my referred users list?

There may be 3 reasons of such situation. First of all your referred user was previously invited by another user. Second situation may occur when your referred user changed his browser or cleared web browser cache. Third situation may occur when invited user use tool like VPN or TOR. Anyway on any concerns contact us abut such situation.

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